Make: Cupcake cones & graduation hats!


Some fun stuff I made!

Cupcake Cones

Here’s a great how-to, and the tips I learned while I was doing it?

  • make the foil more of a cup to really hold the cones in the pan – this is key, it will hold the cones stable since they’re VERY prone to tipping
  • be careful moving them in and out so they don’t tip
  • trial and error with how full to fill them, I did VERY SLIGHTLY over the base of the cone, so it only came to the bottom of the larger part.  it took me two test bakes to find the right level
  • keep an eye on them baking in case some are rising too high
  • I just used regular box cake mix and regular canned icing
  • a piping bag/tip isn’t necessary, but a nice touch!

cupcake-cones (1)


Next up….

Graduation Cap Cupcakes

My sister was graduating high school, so I was looking for something cute to make.  Cue, graduation hat cupcakes.

What do you need?

  • Reese’s miniature cups
  • Ghirardelli chocolate squares
  • Icing – Gel is suggested, but it’s for the tassel so you can get creative.
  • Sprinkles – graduation confetti!

It’s pretty simple, just use some icing (or melt the chocolate a bit) to stick the reese cup onto the upside-down chocolate square, and use your gel icing to make a tassel.  Very easy, super quick, and super cute!

graduation-hat-cupcakes (3)

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