Make: Binding of Isaac Cake Pops

For my husband’s birthday I decided to make him some cake pops with the theme of a game he was playing a lot at the time.  Binding of Isaac!

For this I used the following supplies:

  • Cake pop maker
  • Candy Wafers
  • Sticks
  • Gel Icing (white, black and red for details) – I have had zero luck with markers so don’t waste your money!
  • Floral Foam (to seat the pops in after, a box with holes punched in it will also work)
  • Disposable trays to melt the candy in and dip the cake pops

cake-pops-binding-of-issac (6)

You don’t NEED a cake pop maker, but I found one cheap on clearance and it was really easy to just bake them off instead of shaping them by hand!  The sizes were a big irregular, but I wasn’t trying to be a perfectionist.  🙂

First, I baked off a bunch of cake pops – originally I was going to use red velvet, but vanilla won out.  Then I started melting the candy. I used peanut butter for the “skin” and melted chocolate for the flies.

cake-pops-binding-of-issac (5) cake-pops-binding-of-issac (4)

The flies were the easiest, I snipped off the corners of the vanilla wafers, melted them a bit and stuck them on the chocolate cake pops.

cake-pops-binding-of-issac (2)

The rest of the details I did in gel icing by hand – had so much fun doing all of the morphs!

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