Care Bear Cousins PVC Poseables 1980

Make: “Lost” Care Bear Cousins PVC Poseable from 1980

Do these guys look familiar? If you grew up in the 80s they probably do, and if you had any, you may notice a few extra that were in the series, but never officially released!

I didn’t have any of these when I was young, but as an adult collector I just loved their design and had to get the full set. Then I found out four of them that were characters in the series, were designed but never released. There are a few floating around, but the prices are exorbitant and, well, no.

So I decided to make my own!

I used the same technique I use when sculpting onto a vinyl figure – Super sculpey to add on, xacto knives to reshape the vinyl, boil to cure the sculpey and sand to finish. (I plan on making a more in-depth post about the exact techniques later, but feel free to ask here if you have questions.)

Since I was just making some prototypes, I decided to use a “bear beyond repair” as a base for each one to modify from there.

Some highlights of the in-progress work:

And now we’re done!  “Base” and a finished character for comparison





Finished characters from all angles:

All done! 😀


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