Make: A Vault 101 Halloween – the littlest vault dweller

My favorite time of year is here.


I have done big shoots this time of year for quite a while – this year, I decided to make my 18 month old a vault suit of his very own.  I don’t sew for crap, so I ordered this worksuit off amazon and used one piece of yellow felt (and a bunch of safety pins) to create this. The armor was simple, painted cardboard. Wrangling a toddler didn’t let me get full photos of the dog armor I created, but it turned out fine anyway.

I took my kiddo out for a shoot and here are the outtakes!


I think the halloween poster will become a thing – last year the poster was The Pumaman, featuring his very first costume at a wee little six months old. This will be a tradition I can get behind.


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