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I’m a thirty something mom of one in nerdlove with my husband who is a musician/system administrator. I have three dachshunds who were trained to model professionally since birth. For the last 12 years i’ve worked in corporate marketing, primarily as a front end developer. Recently I started working in marketing automation. I have been a photographer for roughly 10 years shooting professionally off and on via moonlight. I have an abandoned place project that is complete located here: Ruined Nation. I also have a mausoleum project that I add to whenever I travel. I love shooting pets and architecture the most, and of course, my little dude!

On my off-time I have tons of hobbies. I grew up with an artist mother so I was encouraged to try a bunch of mediums – I started out drawing and slowly branched out as other mediums caught my eye. I’ve done everything from silversmithing to pottery and a ton of traditional art. I’ve been a munny customizer for about 8 years which eventually shifted into making custom toys. Lately i’ve been practicing mold making to cast my sculptures and possibly try my hand at art-dolls.

So you see i’m a little all over the place, this is where I will share my work as well as any helpful tips I come across along the way!  Thanks for stopping by, feel free to say hi!


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